Born Connecticut, lives and works in NYC.

Andrew Radcliffe received his BFA from Pratt Institute in 1984, attended Skowhegan in 1984 and received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1987. After over a decade in New York Radcliffe relocated to the Caribbean from 2000 to 2022. He lived and painted on several islands while working in construction. He presently works in a studio in Union Square. His work is comprised of oil paintings, watercolors and ink drawings.

His most recent paintings are the result of several unusual processes in which the essential virtues of figuration and abstraction become intertwined. In these paintings a state of human vulnerability is expressed through the carefully rendered floating and falling poses of the body of which the artist used himself as the source model. The body is engulfed by regimented shapes or waves of color which seem to be in motion, representing invisible forces made visible upon it.  Many paintings are furthermore veiled in tiny white or red marks, obstructing any immediate recognition of figures or their environments. In several the body is sliced into sections and rearranged. In others the body or body parts emerge ghostlike out of pure darkness. These camouflage strategies result in lengthening the viewers search to decipher the paintings' subject amidst competing optical and spacial experiences. The paintings have light, employ vivid color and convincingly describe the human condition in both contemporary and archetypal terms. 

Radcliffe has unpacked the fundamental aspects of pointillism in several early series of paintings and watercolors. These paintings, while being composed entirely from marks of pure color, convey the nuances of atmospheric color.

His ongoing series of small drawings are exhibited as large installations which display competing approaches to drawing vying for attention yet appear unified and surprisingly harmonious. He uses drawing as a disciplined yet liberating engagement into which he allows the exploration of images of any kind. As a result, the drawings simultaneously present multiple facets of order, disorder, figuration, abstraction, dreams, reality and humor.


San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA,  MFA 1984

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, ME,  1984

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, BFA 1982

University of Florence, Italy, 1982

Parsons School of Design, Paris, France, 1981

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2011  Eden Rock, St. Barthelemy, FWI

2009  Eden Rock, St. Barthelemy, FWI

2008  Eden Rock, St. Barthelemy, FWI

2002  U. C. U., New York, NY


1997  CRG, San Francisco, CA

1995  CRG, San Francisco, CA

1992  CRG, San Francisco, CA

1990  CRG, San Francisco, CA


Selected Collections

Bechtle Corp., San Francisco, CA

Bell Atlantic, Washington, DC

Canon Press, San Francisco, CA

Chemical Bank Suisse, Geneva, SW

Dakin Design, Inc., Boulder, CO

Dow Jones and Company, Inc., New York, NY

George Mintz and Co., Inc., Morristown, NJ

Altria, New York, NY

Verizon Co., New York, NY

Achenbach Foundation, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA


Mr. John Berggruen, San Francisco, CA

Mrs. Rena Bransten, San Francisco, CA

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Daniels, Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. John deCespel, New York, NY

Mr. Lyman Delano, Greenwich, CT

Mr. Phil Desind, Bethesda, MD

Mr. Nick Dine, New York, NY

Mr. Richard Blumenthal, New York, NY

Mr. Robert Domergue, San Francisco CA

Mr. & Mrs. Rafael Ferrer, Greenport, NY

Mr. Richard Jackson, Waccabuc, NY

Mr. Paul Jones, Baltimore, MD

Mr. & Mrs. David McCall, New York, NY

Dr. & Mrs. Cesar Reyes, Old San Juan, PR

Mr. John Robertshaw, New York, NY

Mr. Douglas White, AIA, St. John, USVI